1. You MUST bring a cable with 1/4″ ends to output from your rig into our mixer, without these you will not be able to play. we DONT have adapters to loan!

2. Come at least a half hour before your playing time, be prepared to set up all your stuff in about 15 min., the previous artist will be performing on the other side of the stage (2 performance areas on each stage). if you take longer than 15 min, it comes out of your set time, we can’t run late (it would be a disaster with 21 artists!). check your rig at home, set it all up ahead of time, on stage check your output in your headphones before you plug in to our mixer.

3. We have a PA for you, a table to set up on, 1 mic for announcements, and one power strip, everything else you need to bring yourself

4. VJs – bring the cables and adapters you need to run from the projector to your rig

5. Don’t leave your laptop around, i suggest you bring a knapsack and keep your laptop on your back, there is no gear check

6. We have yet to find a venue that will give drink tickets to all our artists, when we do we will let you know. we do give 1 or 2 drink tickets to our small volunteer staff, who are your humble slaves all night long, want a free drink or two? then volunteer : )

7. Come early, stay late, meet people, ask questions, have fun!


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