WARPER House @ HARVESTWORKS – 08/13/2022

WARPER PARTY is NYC’s largest and longest running DIY electronic music and art party brings you WARPER House at HARVESTWORKS. It is a place for musicians, tinkerers, experimenters, producers, DJs, controllerists, Ableton wizards, hardware junkies, Eurorack enthusiasts, modular synth heads, live bands, VJs, digital artists and visual artists to come together, get inspired, and perform! As long as it’s electronic in some way, it’s fair game. The Art and Technology Program, Building 10a, Nolan Park. FREE.  All ages welcome. 

Governors Island, NYC
Building 10a, Nolan Park

August 13, 2022
12 PM – 7 PM

Sofy Yuditskya
RGB Values
Spaghetti Jesus

12:00 – Melton
12:45 – 185668232
1:30 – Champagne Sequins
2:15 – ( )
3:00 – nick kent
3:45 – SMOMID
4:30 – MegMan Music
5:15 – Kristina SuperGenius
6:00 – Distant Comets

END – 7:00 PM


Spaghetti Jesus – New Jersey-native Spaghetti Jesus is an analog visual artist, clay-animator, and digital filmmaker. Raised on a rich diet of kaiju films, deteriorated VHS bootlegs, and horror films, this creative force doesn’t settle for normal, rather exploring difficult emotional themes through a mix of bright color palettes, nightmarish imagery, and expressive character designs and settings. Sometimes dark, sometimes light; always noodles. 

(  ) is Jeremy D. Slater. His sound work consists of field recordings as a base to create compositions with guitar, objects, ambient noise, environmental sound, and other instruments. Video work includes video that is ambient and reactive, single and multiple channel videos for screening, and installations with sound and ephemeral sculpture. (  ) is also a member he is a member of Plan 23, The Principle String Quartet, ROTC (Rubaiyats of the Cicadas), Frogwell, and tū. 


nick kent is a New York based soundtrack composer and electronic media artist with a background in sound synthesis and visual design. In addition to scoring works by other creators he also finds satisfaction in creating the visual work to create a soundtrack for. Nostalgic visions of the future often inspire projects. He has taught courses at Parsons School of Design, The New School and Touro University Graduate School of Technology. He has a BFA in Film and an MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts. 

melton is a music producer based in Brooklyn, New York. His production catalogue spans from 2008 with producing beats for the several hip-hop groups and artists including the Brown Bag AllStars, ScienZe and others and has released a number of instrumental eps.

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