WARPER House at FIGMENT 2018


408=B Colonel's Row, Governor's Island NYC IMG_9044

June 23-24th, 2018 on Governor’s Island in NYC.

Open 11AM-5PM

Ferries to Governors leave from 10 South Street in Manhattan and Pier 6 in Brooklyn from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every 30 minutes. This year we are in the Colonel’s Row section of Governor’s Island.

The house number is 408 – B (>> Google Maps Location)

WARPER House returns for another immersive experience of omnidigital art and music at the FIGMENT Festival in 2018.

This year WARPER PARTY will be presenting two days of live electronic music programming as well as video and audio installations to a house on Governor’s Island. We will have interactive installations that will engage visitors with participatory experience.


Relativity Seven, Sofy Yuditskaya

Relativity Seven is a table-top heart sensing and reflecting light piece. This work magnifies and immerses us in our biometrics, revealing our own heartbeat as part of the sculpture. Place your finger on the red light alone, or with a friend and watch the room come alive with light driven by your heartbeats


Vocal Kaleidograph, n8tronick + RGB Values

The Vocal Kaleidograph is an interactive artwork that uses video source material and live video effects to visually represent attributes of the human voice. We will set up a microphone and amplifier, so participants will be able to enter into a room and speak into a microphone and hear their own voice. In this room will also be a projector that is showing kaleidoscopic video images of fire, nature, light and urban landscapes The participants amplified voice will control specific attributes in the effects of the video. The voice of the participant will be visually represented as effects in a kaleidoscope.


CINEMOEBA, By: Ron Pogue

CINEMOEBA Using multiple video cameras, projectors, and old analog mixers, Ron Pogue creates an array of interactive video feedback patterns bleeding around the room. Just by crossing the path of any camera or projector beam, you can alter the pattern dramatically. All imagery is created live, on the spot, without computers or pre-recorded material.


Wiggle Room, Andy Deck

“Wiggle Room” began as playful experiments with graphics programming. – an exploration of movement, energy, cohesion, and confinement. The motion graphics evolved with inspiration from FIGMENT, circling back to the artist’s extensive prior work with interactivity. Visitors to Wiggle Room are presented with an opportunity to respond creatively to the quirky video projection using materials provided by the artist. Like many of Deck’s internet-based works (artcontext.net), the potential for participation means that the proverbial cup is half full when the doors open. Having something to do in the Wiggle Room besides stare is not only an opportunity to have fun. Offering visitors a creative role to play represents a celebration of maker culture, and an ongoing challenge to habits of passivity.


“Into the Looking Glass” by Sparc Kreativity.
An interactive mirror to move, dance, sing, and play, with. Audio and motion reactive; your moves and sounds controls what’s happens on the screen.



11:00 – jonakoh
12:00 – xBorder
1:00 – She’s Excited! & Discoheads
2:00 – Mystic Modern
3:00 – Puckles the Blobfish
4:15 – Denada

11:00 – Axe of Wands
11:45 – Without A Chord
12:30 – Nukage
1:15 – No Burden
2:00 – ijam Live
2:45 – 2050
4:15 – Blak Blondz

For more info on FIGMENT visit: NYC FIGMENT Project