WARPER PARTY - Permian Strata

WARPER PARTY is NYC’s largest and longest running DIY electronic music and art party. It is a place for musicians, tinkerers, experimenters, producers, DJs, controllerists, Ableton wizards, hardware junkies, Eurorack enthusiasts, modular synth heads, live bands, VJs, digital artists and visual artists to come together, get inspired, and perform! As long as it’s electronic in some way, it’s fair game. 

WARPER PARTY- Champagne Sequins WARPER PARTY - Melton 

We send out a signup form every month to register to play at our monthly party, held at various venues across the city. Join our mailing list and/or our Facebook group to get the signup form and be notified of upcoming Warper happenings. WARPER PARTY is a FREE event. We invite you to come check us out, bring your friends, meet our vibrant community of makers, and share your art. 

WARPER PARTY - Stoke, Modular Synthesis WARPER PARTY - Thomas Piper

Our parties operate with at least two stages running simultaneously, giving ample opportunity for an eclectic range and large number of artists to perform throughout the night. Every musician is paired with a digital artist to provide live visuals! Musician sets can range in length from 15 minutes to up to an hour+. On any given night you may hear experimental, noise, ambient, house, techno, dance punk, art rock, bass, jungle, and beyond!

WARPER PARTY - n8tronick + RGB Values WARPER PARTY - Heavy W8-bit World Champion Chip

WARPER PARTY is co-organized by DJ Shakey (Julie Covello) and n8Tronick (Nate Tronick), both long-time members of the NYC and Brooklyn underground music, dance and art scenes. WARPER PARTY was founded in 2005 by DJ Shakey and Matt Moldover, and has run continuously every month since its inception.